About Us

Roofing Consultants Ltd.

Incorporated in 1980, Roofing Consultants Ltd. is one of the pioneer’s in the roof consulting industry. I personally joined the firm in 1992 and became president in 2005. Roofing Consultants Ltd. has grown over that time frame from a 1 person company to a full staff with multiple offices across the Midwest.

Roofing Consultants Ltd. is uniquely qualified and equipped to perform the services described on this site. We are a licensed engineering firm. However, unlike most generic engineering firms, we specialize in roofing, walls and other building envelope components. At the same time, having professionals on staff gives us the ability to perform structural analysis, stamp drawings and provide other services that many other roof consulting firms simply can’t offer. Furthermore, the majority of our staff has earned credentials through RCI Inc., the Roofing, Waterproofing and Building Envelope Institute and other industry specific organizations. All of this means that Roofing Consultants Ltd. has the staff, experience and credentials to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

I’ve received a lot of feedback over the years from our customers. They regularly express satisfaction with the professionalism of our staff, the ability of our firm to respond quickly and the fact that our reports are thorough yet “user-friendly.” I’m proud of the company that Roofing Consultants Ltd. has become. Feel free to contact me personally to discuss how our firm can be of assistance to you.


Louis Juhlmann, RRC